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Analyst who predicted bitcoin floor: price will reach $ 11,000 before withdrawal

Bitcoin has been exposed to strong volatility in the past few days. After spending the weekend 10. 000 $ brand exceeded, the cryptocurrency crashed 4% earlier this week and dropped within a few minutes from 10. 200 $ to 9. 700 $. After leveling off at around $ 9 750 $, the price of Bitcoin rose 4% yesterday when Bitfinex started doing a scheduled maintenance job.

While some said that this price action is a precursor to a larger drawdown that prices to the low 9. 000 $, maybe even lower, a leading analyst is convinced that BTC will add up to 11. 500 $ will reach.

According to top analyst Bitcoin is still on the way to 11. 000 dollars

Middle 2019 when investors suspected that Bitcoin was on 20. 000 dollar will rise, trader Dave the Wave called a price target of mid-6. 000-Dollar.

While many initially laughed at this forecast, Dave was right when Bitcoin was the middle 6 in December. 000 – Dollar level reached. The analyst now suspects that Bitcoin is on 11. 000 to 11.500 dollar will recover and points to the fact that the cryptocurrency is currently in a “mini-mini Parabola ”. He assumes that the cryptocurrency will achieve the above goal before a deeper retreat takes place.

Reversal back up again. The big IF of the above chart didn't eventuate. How high can it go? Looking at the second to last chart above – 11 K range before the '50%' consolidation [in real terms].

Minor view – break out here and now of the triangle formed, the dominant pattern. pic.twitter.com/28wSdV1NkL

– dave the wave (@davthewave) February 11, 2020

Not alone in crypto-optimism

Dave the Wave's request for an increase in Bitcoin to 11. 000 – Dollar has been picked up by a number of other prominent analysts.

Bitcoin analyst Financial Survivalism (also known as Sawcruhteez) posted on 28. January notes that BTC is playing a positive pattern, so Bitcoin is about . 675 dollar could rise.

In addition, the trader Filb Filb wrote that Bitcoin is set to $ 12. 500 could rise. Filb Filb has also claimed that Bitcoin is likely to “hurry up 11. 500 $ will come ”.

Text proof: newsbtc

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