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Bitcoin, the “Biggest Unicorn of the 2010s”: Market Capitalization Surpasses Uber & amp; Airbnb combined

If you're a little bit familiar with Bitcoin and Silicon Valley, you've probably heard the word “unicorn” a few times. In other words, if you've read Bloomberg or switched CNBC on for the past ten years, then you're familiar with the term.

No, it's not an indication of the mystical creature with the long horn, but a word describing the fugitive number of startups that have received more than $ 1 billion in US valuation.


If you were to look for the term in the context of Silicon Valley and global technology, you would probably come across the usual suspects: Uber, Airbnb, Robinhood, and the like. But the top unicorn is Bitcoin. This suggests at least a prominent crypto personality and Silicon Valley size now.

Bitcoin – the biggest unicorn ever

Former Coinbase CTO and co-founder of Earn, Teleport, CoinCenter and other startups, Balaji Srinivasan believes: Bitcoin is the biggest unicorn ever – not Snapchat, Uber or Airbnb.


Srinivasan is serious about it: Bitcoin is literally the biggest (and probably best) unicorn of the 2009 years. Uber has a market capitalization of 36 billion dollar, according to Google, Airbnb has a market capitalization of That makes them both smaller than bitcoins 685 billion dollar market capitalization – even compounded.

In addition, BTC has performed very well since its launch – astronomically, it's very good. Saifedean Ammous, economics professor and author of the industry standard “The Bitcoin Standard”, recently reminded that someone on . October 2009 5.0 Bitcoins for 5, $ in the “first Market transaction for BTC “. Today, the same amount of coins 42 is worth millions of dollars.

As the professor notes, this means: Bitcoin has been around since its first sale 838.

.685% gone up.

Strong basics

The basic metrics of the network are also impressive. Blockchain continues to process more assets each year than PayPal – eBay's payment and fintech giant, which currently has a value of 130 has billions of dollars. The cryptocurrency number 1 was not affected. Bitcoin's underlying feature – fast, global, censorship-resistant, relatively cheap, non-governmental, and non-mediated transactions – has remained intact throughout its lifetime.

Many believe that cryptocurrency fundamentals are pointing the way to the future. For example, Spencer Bogart of Blockchain Capital recently noted that Bitcoin and crypto outlets such as Coinbase and Kraken have experienced healthy growth over the past year – and that too should lead to a positive long-term trend for the industry. )

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Last update: Wednesday, December 4