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Bitcoin trend on Google alongside Call of Duty, Kanye West and Rudy Giuliani

Yesterday, a powerful move has brought the bitcoin market to a growing attention. Bitcoin even competes with the Google trends with some very popular terms like Call of Duty and Kanye West.

Since Bitcoin is on trend next to some popular search terms on Google, could the cryptocurrency finally be ready to regain the interest of the mainstream public?

Bitcoin trending on Google again, is crypto back?

Bitcoin is once again the theme of the week after yesterday’s fireworks. The market-leading cryptocurrency shocked the world with epic printing and raised the Bitcoin price of $ 7 500 $ he fell back to 9 300 $, where he is currently traded.

Increased volatility and the associated increase in the Bitcoin rate has led to more and more people gagging for the emerging asset and entering the Google Trends with counterparties such as Call of Duty, Kanye West and Rudy Giuliani.

To put this in perspective: Call of Duty is one of the most popular video games in history and sells well over the world 300 Million copies and was released a few days ago, so the interest is currently enormous.

Kanye West, one of the most influential artists in the hip-hop industry, has over Millions of albums and over 42 millions of digital downloads sold. The eccentric and outspoken musician is always in the public eye, be it through his own actions or through his relationship with social media mogul Kim Kardashian. Kanye is currently in vogue due to the release of his latest album Jesus is King.

The last time the Bitcoin award dominated the Google search engine, the crypto market was in a bubble, and FOMO drove Bitcoin to its all-time high of .) 00 $. Could the recent rise in the bitcoin price – followed by an increase in Google’s search interest – signal that Bitcoin is ready to take the mainstream by storm?

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