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“Bitcoin will soon be worth zero dollars”: Major newspapers have already published 379 dark BTC forecasts

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin is lively, within the last month the BTC rate increased by 19, 8 percent. Nevertheless, an infographic from Coincierge.de shows that analysts around the world are already 379 Times in newspapers and magazines predicted an impending death of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is dead – long live Bitcoin?

Alone in the year 2019 expressed 41 market watchers that Bitcoin is about to expire and will soon be buried This was the title of “TradingView” that the era of bitcoin was over. The “New York Post”, on the other hand, spoke of the fact that Bitcoin would soon be worth only zero dollars.

Majority of private investors and experts with an optimistic Bitcoin forecast – doom prophecy small but loud group?

However, the infographic shows that around 85 Percentage of investors share the Bitcoin prediction that the cryptocurrency with the largest market cap at the end of the year 2020 above the 11. 500 US dollar mark noted. The financial experts also seem to be in the majority positive and disagree with the analysts who swear the death of Bitcoin. According to a survey (January 2020) even believe more than 15 percent of the experts that BTC in the year 2024 more than 25. 00 0 USD listed. However, there are also those who anticipate the death of Bitcoin: the proportion is 8 percent.

Average lifespan of currencies – Bitcoin with a long future?

When collecting 3. 400 currencies showed yourself that this on average 27 years existed. Germans should not be surprised at the finiteness of means of payment: think of the marks, the Reichsmarks, the Deutsche Mark, the marks of the GDR and the euro. If Bitcoin should exist as long as currencies on average, then BTC still remain 15 years.

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