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Bullish outlook: the Bitcoin signal that preceded the 330% rally to $ 14,000 is now blinking again

If you've been on crypto-Twitter, you've probably heard the term “miner surrender” over and over again regarding Bitcoin.

For those who lived under a rock: Bitcoin's decline started earlier this year caused the hash rate of the underlying network to stall. This trend in turn led to the “hash ribbons” – an indicator that tracks the moving average of the bitcoin hash rate – suggesting “miner surrender”.


Last was just before the now famous crash of $ 6. 000 $ 3. 000 end 2008 like this. When this signal came out late last month, investors feared the worst and expected Bitcoin to fall off a cliff again.

And so did BTC and fell to 6 at the beginning of the month. 400 $. But now the outlook for the bulls is improving as the miner surrender has ended – and that's a good omen for the future of the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin hash ribbons signal bulls a massive upswing

A few days before Christmas the “recovery”, i.e. the end of the miner's capitulation, just started on the one-day Bitcoin chart.

While this was inherently bullish, the hash ribbons had not yet given a buy signal, which has long been seen on the macro scale as an almost certain, complete reversal of the crypto market.

According to Charles Edwards, digital asset manager, a “buy” signal forms on the hash ribbons indicator – just a few days after “recovery” was signaled.

And that's remarkable. Earlier “buy” signals from the hash bands came shortly after macroeconomic bottoming, followed by full-fledged bullish reversals. An example of this: In the middle of January, the hash ribbons triggered a “purchase” – months before BTC of $ 4. 000 rose to $ 5. 000 This has triggered a domino effect, the BTC up to June on $ 14. 000 pressed and one 330% recovery from bottom ended.

And the bulls don't just celebrate the end of the miner's capitulation. According to Scott “The Wolf of All Streets” Melker, Bitcoin's performance last week sent a very important signal on the weekly chart: “a massive bullish divergence in the oversold area of ​​the Stochastic Relative Strength Index.”

The next few days are guaranteed to provide information about the direction in which the Bitcoin price will develop in the short term.

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