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Cardano’s Shelley Incentive Test Network will be launched in November

The test network Shelley, the next iteration of the Cardano Blockchain, is due to be launched in November. Users on the advertised test network will be able to get real ADA rewards from the payload, which will be moved to the main network as soon as Shelley is officially launched.

Shelley’s Complex PoS Protocol Requires Serious Testing

After IOHK teased its close community with the introduction of an inspiring test network for the next iteration of Cardano, IOHK has finally published more details in its blog post. The ambitious research-driven blockchain was often heavily criticized for its slow development process, but appears to have gained momentum after its second birthday in early October.

Earlier this year, the company launched a test network for Shelley, a new era in the Cardano blockchain that will cause theft. According to Cardan Senior Product Manager Dynal Patel, joining the test network will allow all ADA owners to receive real rewards.

“This marks an acceleration in the Shelley test network and in the development of Cardano.”

Patel said that the company has decided to introduce a stimulating test network to ensure that Ouroboros will function smoothly. Ouroboros is an advanced proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol that the company is currently working on. However, the complexity of such a protocol requires “stable and robust foundations,” Patel said, which is why IOHK decided to first implement it in a stimulating test network.

This test network will allow IOHK to see how Cardano’s incentive mechanism works in a real environment.

Everyone can participate in the test network

According to Patel, the test network will start with a snapshot of all ADA balances held over Mainnet. Anyone who holds their ADA or transfers to one of several approved wallets at the time of the snapshot can join the exciting test network.

While the date for the snapshot is yet to be determined, Patel confirmed that this will happen sometime in November. To make sure all users are properly prepared, there will be another test snapshot.

Once the snapshot is complete, users can access their Testnet wallets as well as their Mainnet wallet. Special test net wallets from Daedalus and Yoroi that visually differ from their Mainnet counterparts will be available, Patel said.

Users can then choose how they use the funds from their wallets on the test network to delegate or operate a stakeholder pool. The ADA that they earn in the test network can not be spent, but they will be transferred to Mainnet after launch.

“Stake pool operators should be familiar with command line interfaces and have some knowledge of system operation and server administration.”

For those who are less familiar with staking, detailed documentation on the operation of Stakepots is provided.

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