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Chainlink price continues to rise – analysts suspect a return to the all-time high

Chainlink was one of the most bullish cryptocurrencies within the markets last year, as LINK was in spite of the aggregate market, which was exposed to strong downward pressure. experienced immense dynamism.

This momentum shows no signs of slowing, and analysts are now finding that they expect the cryptocurrency to return soon to its all-time highs previously reached.

This analyst's optimism comes as the cryptocurrency shows signs of another massive parabolic upward trend beginning.

Chain-Link experiences a strong dynamic because LINK around 14 percent increases

At the time of writing, Chainlink is trading at its current rate of 3, 30 Dollars, which means an increase from the daily lows of 2, 85 dollars.

This intense upward trend appears to be independent of the aggregate crypto markets as Bitcoin and most other major altcoins are currently relatively-seen marginally trade upwards.

The rise in LINK marks an extension of the massive momentum that started on January 3rd. Chainlink now has the previous parabolic cycle highs of just over 3, 00 Dollar left in November 2019 left behind and there seems to be a move back to strive for the all-time highs of well over 4, 00 dollars set at the end of June last year.

Bagsy, a prominent crypto trader, noted that LINK's immense bull market could easily cause Link to shoot higher until it hits its ATHs in the upper $ 4 range.

The analysts agree: LINK is for a move to 4, 00 $ ready

Bagsy is not the only analyst who believes Chainlink may expand soon. Another crypto analyst, Satoshi Flipper, recently said in a tweet that Chainlink recently broke above the top of a bull flag, making him believe that a recovery to $ 4, 00 is imminent.

Since LINK has a history of parabolic movements, it seems very likely that this steady increase will continue to expand and its mostly independent dynamics could mean that it is moving towards previous highs.

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