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Chinese crypto FOMO bigger than Bakkt and Libra together

The crypto markets have had one of their strongest weekends this year and momentum is currently coming from one region. Chinese crypto assets are growing at the moment following recent comments by President Xi and the new crypto laws promoting blockchain technology.

Crypto-Fomo is “Real”

The dominance of Bitcoin is again over The FOMO is real and currently comes mainly from China. At the end of last week, President Xi Jinping made some rare comments on Blockchain technology.

At the weekend, the Committee of the National People’s Congress in China a cryptography law, which according to the local media will enter into force on 1 January next year. The goal is to regulate the technology in order to make China more competitive in this area.

The events have the crypto markets that have been growing at 18% since Friday , enormously influenced. But it’s the Chinese cryptos that are clearly dominating the action right now. The profits were far higher than anything triggered by Bakkt or

Ahahahahahhaha, now on Chinese CT

“Fuck ETF, fuck fuck, fuck Libra, none of these fuck, just we pump with real money, only way to pump”

(excuse me for the F word … try my best to translate from Chinese slang)

– Dovey 以德服人 Wan 🗝 🦖 (@ DoveyWan) 28. October 2019

Chinese traders are clearly the dominant force in market sentiment and the biggest pump of the year has proven this.

Chinese Altcoins in the direction of “Moon”

NEO has been on fire for the last few days. After the so-called “Chinese Ethereum” Smart Contact token was traded just under $ 7 in the past week, this rose to over 110 percent and was thus over 08 $.

Bytom is another Chinese-dominated crypto project that is only available in Hours gained from 50%. From about 0, 07 $ (800 Satoshis) BTM is at 0, .

Tron has also developed higher over the weekend and has re-entered the top ten, overtaking Stellar. The TRX gains in recent 20 hours are around 12%.

It is undeniable that the power of Chinese traders is greater than anything else that has happened this year.

Text Proof: bitcoinist

Last update: Monday, . October 2019