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“Complete rollout”: Fidelity opens billions of dollars in bitcoin business

As you probably know well, Bitcoin has not been performing that much lately. Despite the unfortunate downturn of nearly $

Fidelity extends the bitcoin area

Fidelity Investments – one of the world's largest financial services giant with a long-standing interest in Bitcoin – revealed in a Financial Times report Friday morning that it is stepping up its cryptocurrency operations.

Fidelity Digital Asset Services (FDAS), the crypto currency department based involved in digital assets, “said the report, citing Fidelity's pro-Bitcoin CEO Abigail Johnson.

It is not clear how this full rollout will take place. But given the fact that FDAS for a majority of the year 2019 only a select number of customers

We do not need institutions where we go

Lou Kerner, a partner of the Crypto Oracle fund and former Goldman Sachs analyst, argued last week before CNBC's “Power Lunch” panel that Bitcoin needs no institutions to succeed and rise higher, pointing the fact that much of the adoption of the asset was caused by people like you or me and not by bankers.

Kerner also said that the institutions will not be the trailblazers in the industry. An analysis by the Twitter user “BitcoinEconomics” recently revealed that Bitcoin's bull run on 20.

Looks like the 2017 bull run from 1k to 20 $ was caused by retail buyers. pic.twitter.com/OwO9xH3m8E

– BitcoinEconomics.io (@BitcoinEcon) 14. October 2019

But Kerner admitted towards the end of the segment that institutions would eventually venture a real foray into this market, claiming that they would be attracted immensely by cryptocurrencies in the long run.

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