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IOHK donates $ 500,000 in Cardano to the University of Wyoming

IOHK, the company behind the Cardano project, has the University of Wyoming 500 . 000 donated dollars. In a press release, the company said the donation will help support blockchain development and expand its use in supply chain management, cryptography, and smart contracts.

Blockchain development in Wyoming is supported by an IOHK donation

The development of the blockchain in the US state of Wyoming has just experienced a great upswing thanks to a donation from the IOHK. The company, founded by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson, has joined the Blockchain Research and Development Lab at the University of Wyoming (UW) 500. 000 dollars in ADA , donated to Cardano's native cryptocurrency.

In a shared press release, IOHK said that the work of the Wyoming Blockchain Taskforce has made it one of the world's leading destinations when it comes to legally-enabled blockchain innovation. Wyoming is one of the few U.S. states with a comprehensive, blockchain-friendly legal framework.

Caitlin Long, a former member of the Wyoming Blockchain Task Force, said that the work they have done has made the state of Wyoming an attractive destination for the development of blockchains.

“The Wyoming Legislature has already achieved several world firsts in adopting an extensive range of laws to support blockchain innovation and the use of cryptocurrencies, and we are excited to have them To be able to continue the record, ”said Caitlin Long.

Support for the burgeoning blockchain revolution in Wyoming

The donation will enable Wyoming University students and faculty to develop practical applications for blockchains, the company said. This includes cryptography, authentication, supply chain management and proof of the origin of goods and automated or “intelligent” contracts. Research at the university and the country's supportive environment have prompted IOHK to invest in Wyoming.

Acting President of the University of Wyoming, Neal Theobald thanked IOHK for the donation and said it was a significant financial contribution. He said the funds will help both the faculty and students continue their research into the real application of blockchain technology.

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