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Max Keizer: Bitcoin will change politics

For many of its early advocates, Bitcoin is much more than just an investment vehicle. The cryptocurrency has the potential to completely change the global balance of power. One of the most well-known proponents over the years was Max Keizer of RT. The speaker believes that Bitcoin is now recognized by some of those at the top of the system as a potential threat to the existing power structure.

Max Keizer: Brad Sherman teaches the world “How to Destroy the Dollar” with Bitcoin

In the latest issue of RT’s Keizer Report, the presenter, along with co-host Stacy Herbert, discussed the growing global trend of “de-dollarization.” We have already reported on the efforts of Russia, China and Europe to reduce their dependency on US national currency in world trade.

Keizer believes that countries are beginning to recognize the control that the US can exert on other nations. He describes how the US benefits from the dollar used for international trade and emphasizes that the dollar’s global dominance allows the US to exercise control over other states’ policies through economic sanctions. The moderator considers the use of dollar dominance to punish nations as an act of aggression:

“Gun ownership of the dollar. So, it’s the dollar as a weapon and sanctions are an act of war. “

He adds that nations are trying to get away from the dollar quickly. One of the alternatives in his opinion is Bitcoin. Similar to gold, which is easier to use, the moderator believes that the cryptocurrency will allow nations to move “around the American debt empire.”

Keizer argues that political leaders are beginning to recognize the threat emanating from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for the current balance of power around the world. The US has expressed its desire to make the dollar’s dominance clear. At a recent congressional hearing on Libra from Facebook, Congressman Brad Sherman said:

“Cryptocurrency either does not work, in which case investors lose a lot of money, or they may achieve their goals and displace the US dollar or bother the US dollar, which is virtually the same only reserve currency in the world. “

Referring to the quote, Keizer notes that at least Brad Sherman is smart enough to understand that Bitcoin is threatening the hegemony of the US dollar and the privileged global position of the United States.

Elsewhere in the interview, Keizer describes how well Bitcoin is suitable for the final settlement of the transaction.

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Last update: Friday, November 8