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Microsoft and Enjin launch Rewards on Ethereum – ENJ increases promptly by 37.5%

Microsoft and blockchain gaming firm Enjin have launched a novel token rewards program based on Ethereum: Azure Heroes. The program will now be launched in “selected Western European countries”

The bulls sent Enjin Coin (ENJ) high shortly after Microsoft's announcement, with market capitalization around percent on 59 million dollars rose. The rally made ENJ the most powerful coin on the market, reversing at the time of publication Percent to.


Microsoft has proposed the “blockchain-based recognition program” as a way to reward contributors to the open source domain of Azure (the company's cloud computing platform). Employees who perform “verifiable actions” such as coaching, writing code, or blogging about Azure receive digital collectibles – tokenized badgers. Really.

The tech giant from Seattle has around – 1155 – Ethereum token standard coined originally proposed by Enjin co-founder Witek Radomski.

Community members have the opportunity to purchase five different types of so-called “cute badgers” that are sold by the “Content Hero” (limited offer of 250) to the omnipresent “Maker” badger (offer from . )

Microsoft is now connecting to an impressive number of blockchain projects-such as NEO, Hyperledger, and Truffle. However, in light of the recent announcement, the company appears to be establishing itself as Ethereum's most successful sponsor.

The technology group has announced a staggering number of projects on the Smart Contract Platform, including its use to democratize the AI ​​and develop an Ethereum Smart Contract Verification Scheme.

The new connection with Microsoft is certainly also a good marketing opportunity for Enjin, which launched its online exchange for ENJ-supported digital collectibles only in September – the Enjin Marketplace.

Azure Heroes will become liquid after being distributed on the marketplace and, like some of the other collectibles on the platform, could generate handsome profits for digital badgers. Enjin Platform's “Babel Fish # 9” collectible is the most expensive offering on the Enjin marketplace and stands for . 551. 155 ENJ ($ )

Enjin Coin, currently ranked Hours AROUND ,59% gone up. ENJ has a market capitalization of 42, 96 $ million at one -Hours Volume of 10, $ million.

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