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Peter Schiff: Bitcoin course will never reach $ 100,000

For the longest time, Bitcoin investors have been demanding that the BTC price be high levels like $ . 00 and $ 100. 000 will reach. However, Peter Schiff, a leading gold investor, does not believe that such an appreciation will take place.

Bitcoin will not reach six-digit numbers, Schiff explains

The prominent libertarian investor noted in a recent tweet that “Bitcoin never to destroy.

Keep dreaming. Bitcoin is never going to hit $ 100, 000!

– Peter Schiff (@PeterSchiff) 8th November

While Schiff does not explain his rationale in this latest tweet, he has argued that BTC is an unreliable store of value and an inappropriate investment, especially when exposed to precious metals. Schiff’s latest criticism of Bitcoin comes shortly after he notes that the cryptocurrency market fell yesterday

Whales become wealthy by selling now to realize their paper profits before a market crash extinguishes them. The whales must make sure that the hodler does not lose faith and pay money so they can make money! “

PlanBs model asks for differentiation

While Ship believes that Bitcoin will never reach a six-figure amount, one of the best-known and most accurate pricing models for cryptocurrency predicts something else.

The PlanB model relates the cryptocurrency stock-to-flow ratio (effectively the inflation rate) to the market capitalization of BTC. The linear regression model that returns a 50% R2 value predicts that the fair value of BTC will be halving in may .000 and 100. 000 dollars will be. As absurd as that may sound, PlanB’s analysis has also shown that Bitcoin always tends towards the fair value given by the model over the long term.

Stock-to-flow model has a lot of opinions, but not everybody is a fan. S2F: https: //t.co/p2cLe7uGIDhttps: //t.co/WlYSChAfVthttps: //t.co/TzRLfxRZ9E Tell me what you think. And .. did I miss anybody? pic.twitter.com/PthuHUvrlP

– PlanB (@ 50 trillionUSD) 29. October 2020

Earlier this year, Anthony Pompliano was at CNN to talk about Bitcoin & Co. In an interview, Pompliano claims that Bitcoin will be completed within the next two years .

While this may seem unlikely, he believes that the halving and increased central bank liquidity and inflation risk could push BTC into the sky.

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Last update: Saturday, November 9 2019