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Ron Paul: Protecting your wealth in the next crash also means buying Bitcoin

This year, much attention has been paid to the banking system as it struggles to keep the economy afloat. The repo market is a huge red flag in the US, but the government remains steadfast in its policy of regulating the crypto industry. Ex-congressman Ron Paul has talked about the future and it’s not a pretty picture.

crypto might be the answer

Host Naomi Brockwell sat down with the former congressman at the recent Litecoin summit to hear his opinion about the ongoing struggle between the government and the crypto industry. In the NBTV interview, dr. Paul states that the government has a responsibility and messed it up, causing depression and recession.

He went on to say that competition is healthy and decentralized digital assets provide that. There is a great responsibility for protecting people’s assets, which banks are not doing due to the massive shortcomings in the current financial system.

Brockwell confirmed that Ron Paul was one of the first to try to educate people about FED monetary policy and actions before Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies even existed. He went on to say that so many more people know what’s going on and the news, especially when it comes to the FED, is not always good.

Ron Paul predicts a major economic crash and how hostess Naomi emphasized; we are no longer in the stage where we can make a lot of money, but in the phase where we have to protect what we have.

“It’s not easy, hopefully the crypto market will help. The protection of wealth has traditionally been achieved by possessing “things”. People will want to get out of the dollar and buy assets like real estate. Some people, if they agree, will buy cryptocurrencies, “

Savings and investment funds are no longer an option as negative interest rates are emerging. Ron Paul came to the conclusion that people must really be aware of what the government is doing to protect itself when it comes to a crash.

Another big depression

In a related interview on Kitco News, Gerald Celente, editor of the Trends Journal, said the Fed is only making money to keep the “addicted bull alive.” Central banks are artificially strengthening an economy that is on the brink of another major depression.

He added that this “cheap money” is an attempt to boost spending, but there is no revenue and consumer debt is getting higher.

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