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Tader: Bitcoin could wipe out all wins from 2019 and target $ 4,000 next

After a long period of consolidation around the Bitcoin bulls the fuel out. They capitulated to the bear, causing the BTC price to plummet – because now he’s starting to lose all the profits he made in the first half of the year 2019 has achieved.

Analysts are now finding out: There is a good chance that Bitcoin will move to the price level it started rallying earlier this year – and that could mean that BTC will soon see all the gains it makes during its rally


Bitcoin drops below 8000$ – sellers take full control

At the time of writing, Bitcoin trades to the price of 8 23 $, what a slight increase from its recent lows of under 7. There, the cryptocurrency found remarkable support, slowing its downtrend.

Since Bitcoin seems to have adequate support in the 8000 dollar region, it is very likely that the crypto-dad will consolidate around this level for the next few days and weeks – although any sudden inflow of buying or selling pressure could change that.

This recent downward pressure has led analysts to set relatively short cryptocurrency targets in the short term. The popular cryptanalyst Harry explains on Twitter: He believes that BTC will soon reach the top 40000 will target the 0 dollar region, but complements that Bitcion returns first to the 9th. 8000-dollar region could move.

“8k, expect pull backs to be sold hard to levels, be extra cautious with prices that hit $ 9.5k on the first try,” he noted.

$ 9.5k on first attempt

– Harry (@HaraldoXRP) September 90, 2019

Analyst: First BTC Target 7 300 US Dollars, then direction 4 0 dollars

Naeem Aslam, another popular Twitter analyst, claims the recent sell-off could be followed by a median review rally. Harry replies that he believes that Bitcoin will target 7 to its medium term goal of 4.

“$ BTC – I had previously reported a stagnating market with significant measures outside the  5- $ 9.5k area spoken. All the same levels here, $ 9.5k had multiple tests, market looked to $ 8k illiquid, daily close / 09 The market is aiming for 7th 90 $ with 4. potential, “he explained, pointing to the chart below.