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The Bitcoin Nazis

Nazi. Picture of Enot 100 via flickr.com. License: Creative Commons

Here we devote ourselves to a difficult and unpleasant question. Do Nazis use Bitcoins? And if so – why? Because the terminology is so confusing, we take the opportunity to break the political poles “right” and “left.” In the end, we learn that censorship-resistant money is being used by those who are being censored – even if they are Nazis.

Granted, the title of this article is at first glance attention-grabbing – but unfortunately less polemical than I've actually thought. Here's an uncomfortable question: Do you use Nazis Bitcoin? And if so – why?

The basis of our research is the neo-Nazi BTC Tracker, a Twitter bot tracking neonazis bitcoin wallets and posting updates. But is anyone on this list a Nazi? So, a real one? Or is he just a right-wing extremist? Such questions are not easy to answer, especially for someone who writes for a German audience.

Therefore, we first try to stake out the political map from left to right. That too is a difficult task. The more you think about it, the more the two words become more indistinct.

Economic and Regulatory Nazis

In the economic and regulatory sense, “left” is usually equated with “socialism”: the increase of the state quota, the widening of the welfare state, the higher taxation of wealth and income, the more thorough regulation of the economy – for example by Minimum Wages -, the nationalization of companies. A general skepticism – down to open hostility – towards capitalism is typically leftist, the abolition of property and the creation of a communist society are left-wing extremist goals. Links in the economic policy sense is the collectivization of property and added value.

On the right would be the individualization. The downsizing of the state, the reduction of taxes, the reduction of regulation, the reduction of state welfare services, the strengthening of individual property rights. In the economic-political sense, the right as the opposite of links would be the liberal attitude, the neoclassical economics, the “Austrian” economy. From this point of view, many Bitcoins – but also liberal parties like the FDP, and economists with liberal tendencies – would be right, and that would not be problematic at all; The right-wing extremists, on the other hand, would be the libertarians, those who not only want to downsize the state, but also want to abolish it altogether.

One can observe these poles in the USA sometimes quite well. For example, if the Democrats want stricter gun laws, but the Republicans reject them, because they do not want the state authority to expand its monopoly on physical violence by firearms. Or if the Democrats want a general health care, but the Republicans think that this collectivism threatens American freedom.

Cultural Nazis

However, something is wrong with these terms.

For example, let's look at the right-wing group in the European Parliament, the Identity and Democracy (ID) Group. Here it does not fit in front and behind. In the ID are parties like the AFD from Germany – which is more right in the economic policy sense – but also the Front National, the True Finns, the Hungarian Fidesz and others. These political parties are anything but right-wing politically. They are, like Fidesz or the true Finns, left in the social-democratic sense, and the Front National even tends to left-wing, even if nationalization and capital controls are required.

What unites these parties is a rejection of the EU – or the demand that the EU may shrink – and the desire to strengthen nation-states. In addition, there is a cultural component that upholds patriotism, likes to speak of the people, wants to reflect on national – occidental – cultural values ​​and classical family and gender roles and tends to racist views. The attitude to migration also connects these right-wing parties. Fewer refugees, less money for refugees, Europe for Europeans and so on.

Culturally speaking, “left” is defined by EU friendliness, a welcoming culture for migrants, a tendency to dissolve the nation state in the International, and a generally “progressive” cultural policy, such as a gender-neutral language, a disregard for religious concepts, the Respect for alternative sexual orientation and, from an ecological point of view, fear of climate change and the promotion of renewable energy.

As an example for the dislike of the right before this program is the adjective “left-green sore”, which likes the new-right writer Akif Pirinçci, who also fears a “Verschwulung” of Germany, while the SPD politician Thilo Sarrazin It is well known that there is concern that Germany is abolishing, because German women are less willing to adopt a baby than wearing headscarves. Rights do not like change and openness, they want Germany – or the West – to show more pride in their own traditions and values.

Right-wing extremism slips this attitude when it becomes openly xenophobic. If violence against foreigners is tolerated or even encouraged, if shooting orders are demanded at the borders, if one – for whatever reason – identifies with National Socialists, lubricates swastikas where, thinks about Jewish world conspiracies, takes refuge in fantasies of the superiority of the German or White race and so on.

So we see: It's a big bog, a conceptual chaos without end, and the talk of “left” and “right” is neither consistent in itself – since you can be right-wing politically left and culturally right and vice versa – still is the cultural “right” consistent. Why does someone who opposes immigration also have to oppose a gender-neutral language and renewable energy? And why would anyone who welcomes potentially homophobic and misogynistic immigrants also be a friend of renewable energy? Are conservative, nationalist and racist thinking mixed with cultural rights?

Headache terms

The terms “left” and “right” create no understanding and no basis for any discussion, but complicate it, and if one is entitled to learn more about reality, these categories are only an obstacle. You would think that after more than 2. years of European history would have better words at hand. But since that is not the case, we have no choice but to keep all this in mind and finally turn to Bitcoin.

US hacker John Bambenek has built a Twitter bot that posts daily updates on the Neonazis Bitcoin wallets. Bitcoin transactions are well known to be transparent, which is why a third party can track at any time when money goes into an address. Many of the alleged neo-Nazis have posted their Bitcoin addresses on websites to collect donations. This made it easy for Bambenek to track their Bitcoin account balances. He intended to help exchanges like Coinbase block outpayments to Nazis.

Of course, the neo-Nazis could generate a new transaction for each address. So it would still be possible to find out more about the Wallet, but the picture would be much less complete. Whether the bot only delivers fragments because of this practice, or whether the neo-Nazis, as Bambenek once said, are simply stupid, I can not judge.

So let's take a look at which of the tracked right-wing extremists received how much Bitcoin. We work through some of the bot spied by the bot, without a specific order. Actually, I wanted to speculate about whether they are neo-Nazis, right-wing extremists or just rights / conservatives. However, in almost all cases, the above-outlined conceptual problems resolve, which is why we have to fear less headaches than gagging.

Real Nazis

The following will not be nice now. I picked some of the names from the Bitcoin Neonazi bot, looked at them and wrote a short paragraph about each one. These are for the most part US Nazis.

One for all!

A very active wallet is that of Counter Currents . This is a website and book publisher that publishes right-wing books that have titles like “The Manifesto of White Nationalism.” According to the book's description, multiculturalism is a “social experiment imposed by the international elites on unwilling nations.” This experiment failed; diversity was not a source of strength, but of alienation, hatred, and violence. Even worse, the white race is in the middle of its historic homeland – on the way to biological extinction. The White Nationalists want to turn this devastating path and create a state where only whites live.

The interesting thing about Counter Currents is that these narratives are very typical of the altrights and neo-Nazis – and that they are fanning far into the milder right-wing spectrum. They show that many people who are far from far-right are falling for narratives of neo-Nazis. We find, for example, an exaggerated Sarrazinian paranoia of the abolition of a people, combined with a latent hatred of the foreign, a confusion of biological race and culture, a peculiar fantasy that peace prevails if only peoples remain among themselves, as well as one Tolerance to violence against people of other backgrounds. In addition, we have the conspiracy theory of an international elite, which decomposes the peoples with their multi-cultural crap, from where it is only a stone's throw to long-staggered anti-Semitic theories. The promotion of creating a white ethnic state should only be possible with violent methods. Counter Current is, I would say, on the border to neo-con-cit, if it has not already been exceeded.

Because the international elites, of course, fear that Counter Currents will enlighten the white people, they try to prevent the organization from doing so. For example, by credit card providers lock their accounts. Anyone who wants to buy the books must therefore send in cash by post – or use Bitcoins. But not from Coinbase, because Coinbase blocks payments to Counter Current.

There are likely to be a relatively large number of far-right and neo-Nazi organizations around, which may explain why many of them are so open to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the money of the oppressed, and in a functioning society, it happens that there is some suppression of groups that want to oppress people of other origins.

The fact that the creators of the site are unable to prevent Coinbase from blocking their address shows how poorly they understand Bitcoin. But donations or book payments were already on the way, on the wallets of Counter Current are good 12, 38 Bitcoin, almost Dollars. As they are currently trying considerable part of their revenue.

Nazis, Nazis, Nazis …

Most of the following neo-Nazis on Bambenek's ticker are similar to Counter Current, but in many cases even more radical.

A wallet belongs to Andrew Auernheimer , a hacker, also known as weev. His wallet has the proud sum of 100, Bitcoins are all spent. On a blog from that he is an early adopter is likely to explain why his wallet has received so many bitcoins.

According to Wikipedia, Auernheimer is a hacker who is close to the new right and an online troll. Once he hacked the printers of universities and other public institutions and printed out leaflets bearing messages about the superiority of the white race. After spending some time in prison, he lived in various places in Eastern Europe and the Middle East; From Auernheimer should be competent enough to hide at least part of his crypto revenue from the tracking bot.

He represents, according to Wikipedia, an “extremely violent rhetoric calling for the genocide of non-whites,” which we – if so – in an area that goes beyond the extreme right. We have a real neo-Nazi.

Mike Peinovich – known under the pseudonym Mike Enoch – should be a committed racist. The former left converted to nationalism, calling African-Americans “animals” or “savages” and expressing doubts about how many Jews died in the Holocaust. That he calls his podcast “The Daily Shoah” is under these circumstances a joke that probably only Nazis find funny. He is also drumming for the fairy tale of the genocide of whites, the “deliberate replacement of the white race”. Behind it was a conspiracy of Jewish intellectuals. Like other Nazis, he is likely to rely on his donations through bitcoins for his website, which also flowed abundantly. Overall he . 000 Dollars – of which currently around 500 Euro are left.

With Tara McCarthy , a woman has also made it into the bot. On her wallet are only 0.5 Bitcoin. She is a vlogger who, as we already know, advocates for a white ethnostat and defends violence when it is necessary (whoever decides that). Like so many others in this list, she rants about a secret Jewish plan to replace the white race. With her we also meet the above-mentioned strange cultural mix: she is homophobic and does not want to know anything about her former veganism. One may like to shake one's head over the secret connection of these topics.

New rights publications play an important role in the neo-Nazi bot. So Don Black from Stormfront has a total of 5, 66 Bitcoin received. He has Klux Klan is connected. At some point Stromfront had financial problems to pay for the server and – I suppose – also having trouble receiving money through credit cards and bank transfers, which again brought bitcoins into play. The site is offline since The Provider has blocked her as a sequel to the Charlottesville assassination.

Similar to the Daily Stormer. The Founder's Wallet, Andrew Anglin has a total of more than received – so round 620. . In recent days, smaller and smaller transfers were made to Wallet von Anglin. The Daily Stormer is one of the largest neo-Nazi web magazines, and we find here, of course, the usual trash, from the fantasies of a white state to the usual conspiracy theories. Like Stormfront, the Daily Stormer pays tribute to the original Nazis, as the title is a tribute to the Nazi publication “The Stormer.” Although Anglin allegedly rejects violence, other authors of the Daily Stormers have already called for violence against non-whites. Anglin himself is more of a master of psychic violence; The “King of the Nazi Trolls” (Süddeutsche Zeitung) leads an army of trolls, which also spread fear among journalists.

With northern front the first Germans appear. The Rechtsrock band from Hanover was observed by the constitution protection and This could explain why on their wallet proud 6, have arrived – they were early adopters and have collected before Peanuts Radio Ayran from the USA, on the other hand, seems at first glance more Christian-conservative with conspiracy-homophobic tendencies than a neo-Nazi platform and is one of the few entries in the list of bots that I would say could be unfairly hit by the neo-Nazi label. They have just received a Bitcoin on their wallet, which is now fully spent. With Identity Evropa we meet again the same smallpox as before; an American neo-Nazi organization advocating the survival of the white race, preaching hatred of other races, and even going so far as to glorify Nazi Germany and demand the “Nazification of America.” On her wallet went well a bitcoin, which is now issued.

At the point I stop listing. There are many more neo-Nazi wallets – altogether about – but most have received rather low amounts of bitcoins. Pooh.

Not the fault of Bitcoin …

I hope the text does not give the wrong picture. Most of the Nazis have taken little bit of bitcoin, and where there are many bitcoins, they are probably early adopters. There is no question of a mass financing of neo-Nazis by Bitcoins, and the number of Nazis compared to the Bitcoin users is so low that I have considered several times whether it is worth writing this article.

Nevertheless, the prevalence of cryptocurrency among neo-Nazis is conspicuously high. At least “, Which rely on bitcoins, is already quite a lot. But even here you should beware of the wrong key. For who can blame a censorship-resistant money for being used by those whose financial channels are being censored? The censored are not nice victims, but inhuman offenders, who, if they are themselves affected, scream according to censorship, but would like nothing better than to forbid all non-whites – and presumably also all white-minded whites – to shut their mouths in every conceivable way , That too is not the fault of Bitcoin.

In a darker time, it was the Nazis themselves who stole the money from their victims and cut off their transaction possibilities, and it may be assumed that some Jews in the Third Reich would have benefited if there had been money like Bitcoin, with which they had protected their assets from the clutches of the Nazis. In a sense, the neo-Nazis currently using Bitcoin are evading censorship, which is why there are social scenarios in which Bitcoin becomes infinitely important.

Despite everything: This text has given me a very bad mood. It happens that censorship is justified, and that the view behind the curtain of censorship shows something disgusting.