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The Late Show smiles at Bitcoin again

In the Friday night episode of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the leading cryptocurrency was featured on his show. As expected, the topic of Bitcoin was not treated informatively.

Bitcoin, a black market fiat money?

In this last episode of Colbert's show, he used Bitcoin, especially with the sometimes questionable mining aspect of the cryptocurrency, to open his segment:


“From time to time I like scrapping a bunch of old, stolen computers, throwing them into a basement, with an illegal connection to the local power supply, and mine for Bitcoin, which is the black market fiat currency … ”

Bitcoin shout-out last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert pic.twitter.com/XH0WEuKsEu

– Rhythm (@Rhythmtrader) 11. January 2020

This continues the trend that moderators discredit Bitcoin. In the year 2018 the British comedian John Oliver made a whole section about the cryptocurrency. And no, he didn't praise BTC, instead he took the time to mention the BitConnect scam, including the video by Carlos Matos, who poetically talks about the benefits of the “investment opportunity” along with the “meme” Altcoin Dogecoin that back then had an extremely high valuation of almost a billion dollars.

Not all prominent mentions are bad

While Colbert appears to be joining the anti-Bitcoin train that already has Warren Buffett and President Trump on board, not all celebrities are against the popular cryptocurrency.

Last February Elon Musk – co-founder of PayPal, managing director of SpaceX and Tesla among other titles – apparently discussed his thoughts on Bitcoin for the first time.

To the surprise of many, he shared his enthusiasm for the technology, claiming that the cryptocurrency had a basic structure that was “pretty brilliant” and added that he believed that maybe Ethereum and “maybe some of the other” technological Could have advantages. The renowned technologist concluded by stating that he “no doubt” thinks that crypto is “a far better way to transfer values ​​than pieces of paper”.

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