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The “legal document” that has surfaced on the Internet is fueling the Bitcoin SV course

While Bitcoin had a fantastic day yesterday and due to the sudden pressure to buy in the new year by 8% to a high of $ 8. ), other cryptocurrencies have triggered an even stronger performance.

The most notable of these outperformers is Bitcoin SV, because according to Coinmarketcap it has now overtaken Bitcoin Cash by market capitalization and is currently in fourth place behind XRP, Ethereum and Bitcoin.


Congrats on this, seriously. pic.twitter.com/OwgxaBL1bH

– eric.eth (@econoar) 14. January 2020

BSV achieved an increase of over 100% on a single day yesterday and rose from $ 170 on 340 dollars because the main proponent of the project, Dr. Craig S. Wright, an Australian programmer who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, sparked even more hype about the project.

In the past few hours, the cryptocurrency has even risen to 430, but subsequently fell to the current level (340 $) back. The extreme increase appears to be related to the publication of a document.

New document gives Bitcoin SV Mega-Pump

A document appeared on the Internet only a few hours ago. It was published on CourtListener.com, a “free legal website with millions of legal opinions from federal and state courts,” and is linked to a case in the southern district of Florida. The new document claims that it is related to the ongoing litigation between Dave Kleiman and Wright's estate.

The document dated 14. January says that “Dr. Wright notifies the court that a third party has provided the information necessary to unlock the encrypted file and Dr. Wright has presented a list of its Bitcoin holdings to the plaintiffs today, as ordered by the court. ”

The document was issued in relation to Wright's claim that he owns hundreds of thousands of BTC mined in the early days of blockchain and another claim that he lacks a key to unlock the funds.

Analysts are currently questioning the legality of the document as there is currently no official release from Wright and his team on this development. A trader, CryptoISO, jokingly asked the question below on Twitter:

So people are forging court documents now to pump coins?

– CryptoISO (@crypto_iso) 14. January 2020

However, there seems to be a clear link between the distribution of this supposedly “real” document on Twitter and the recent price increase at BSV. Nevertheless, one should keep in mind that Wright has repeatedly tried to prove with falsified documents that he was Satoshi Nakamoto.

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