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The world's largest hedge fund would have gone up by 15,000% – if it had invested in Bitcoin

Legendary investor Ray Dalio hit the headlines with the largest hedge fund in macro space this week. His fund has performed well, though he has lagged behind his competitors in the past eight years. But if he had invested in Bitcoin, he would have been up to today 0% increased

Bitcoin Investment surpasses everything

Bitcoin takes a breather from the recent mini-pump-and-dump. Despite a correction of almost 90%, BTC is over this year 90% gone up. If you had bought a little bit each year, a small fortune would have come together in the last eight years.


Billionaire and “Bridgewater Associates” founder Ray Dalio manages incredible 15 billion dollars – but according to Bloomberg the fund underperformed this year. His “Pure Alpha II” fund began with monumental returns almost a decade ago, but has since fallen short of its competitors.

John Culbertson, president and chief investment officer of start-up investment firm Context Capital Partners, says: “The name alone has become a fabric for legends.”

Bridgewater has around Investor. Dalio's flagship fund has generated an annualized return of 3.8% since the beginning % in the past year.

If he had invested in Bitcoin once a week since the beginning of the year, the fund would have been

Instead, Bridgewater is behind others like Jeff Talpins' Element Capital Management and Tudor Investment Corp. Bloomberg adds that macro managers have struggled to make big profits with their traditional traditional investments – such as government bonds, currencies, commodities and stock indices.

The billionaire hedge fund manager recently commented that central banks are passing on newly-printed money to banks and lenders while buying financial assets to boost the economy and inflation.

He added that they are lowering interest rates to encourage more credit and spending while avoiding saving. According to him, the economy could be on the brink of another crisis.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to use part of its huge fund for cryptosystems – just to hedge against a possible economic downturn.

Text Proof: bitcoinist

Last update: Thursday, December 5