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Tron founder trolls against Trump and thus invites his own criticism

Justin Sun, the founder of the blockchain network Tron, has released a kind of price prediction for his own crypto asset TRX. The goal, according to him, is “409 k”.

Of course Sun jokes at the expense of Donald Trump. The entrepreneur apparently strikes out against the US President about a typo in a tweet that should celebrate recent record stock market performance.


Tron on 409 k? Justin Sun shoots President Trump

According to a report in USA Today, Trump has tried to impress after the recent impeachment threats by praising the recent performance of the US stock market.

The market reached record highs today after seemingly progressing towards a trade agreement with China. It also looks like the US and Iran can avoid a military conflict, at least for now. Of course Trump was happy to share the good economic news with his followers and also with the pessimists.

Instead of 401 (k), the name of the tax-recognized pension account, he called it 409 k. Of course, the network reacted as usual – with ridicule. Trump has since deleted his tweet and posted it again with the correct information. However, this did not prevent Tron founder Justin Sun from posting his own tweet at the president's expense, as he set a rather ironic “price target” for the Tron asset:

$ TRX price target is 409 k🤣

– Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) January 9 2020

However, not everyone understood the allusion. Although the tweet did not contain a dollar sign with its 409 k “price target”, many supporters reacted to the fact that Tron was heading towards half a day Could push a million dollars. Some said that he could in the future 409. 000 Satoschis worth it. Others claimed that the same price in Zimbabwean dollars, a currency that has become unusable due to hyperinflation in recent years, is more appropriate.

Others described Sun as just childish. One asked the entrepreneur a “serious question”: whether he could confirm his own age. Another simply said: “Please delete”.

Among the either amused or confused responses, there were a few who actually seem to believe that Sun suspects that Tron's crypto asset will actually reach such a high dollar value. One wrote:

“We believe in you and your project .. because Trx will be one of the best cryptocurrencies in the world.”

Proof of text: newsbtc