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Who accumulates Bitcoin? 784,000 addresses now hold over a Bitcoin

Examination of Bitcoin wallets and the number of BTC they have shows a growing pattern of accumulation. The number of Bitcoin addresses with a balance of more than one BTC has grown steadily since the cryptocurrency was introduced more than a decade ago.

Despite the volatility that has resulted in the price becoming less than in less than two years . 000 $ approached, crashed to 3rd 200 $ and again on almost 14. 000 $, the determination of the Hodler seems to be strong.

The growth of 1 Bitcoin addresses shows a constant accumulation, regardless of the price

The number of Bitcoin addresses to which at least one Bitcoin is assigned is approximately 784. 000 This represents a significant increase over the 707. 000 addresses that were reported at that time last year. The stock is also more than twice as high as in the year 2015.

DATA: The number of addresses with 1 or more bitcoins rose by 77, 000 in 12 months.

As of Jan. 14, there were 784, 000 addresses holding 1 or more bitcoins, up 11% from 707, 000 seen a year ago. This number has more than doubled since early 2015. Are retail accumulating bitcoin? pic.twitter.com/nMbkryepE9

– Bloqport (@bloqport) 22. January 2020

The figures were provided by the cryptanalysis company Glass Node. They show a steady growth in the number of Bitcoin wallets with a balance of more than one BTC both in price increases and in withdrawals. With extreme Bitcoin downward movements, the number drops slightly.

Also the number of addresses with more than 10 BTC is near an all time high. This number has grown significantly (as expected) since Bitcoin's earlier years, but growth has slowed since then. Since the beginning 2017 the number has remained fairly constant.

Interestingly, the addresses with a balance of more than 1. 000 BTC grown. Since Bitcoin end 2018 was traded sideways, around 6. 500 Dollars per BTC, it seems that the big holders of Bitcoin are becoming more numerous.

Of about 1. 650 1k BTC addresses in the third quarter 2018 there are now more than 2. 100. The big question is how much of it is investing in Bitcoin and how much of it is investing in new companies such as Exchange platforms, which typically hold a large number of BTCs.

The patterns of the Megawal wallets are more difficult to assess. There are currently only 103 addresses with more than 10. 000 BTC. The highest value ever reached is 126 in the year 2016 when Bitcoin was trading at 700 dollars.

Many of them are known as exchanges. For example, octopus keeps up with 23. 228 BTC and 22. 211 BTC the 29. and 30. largest bitcoin wallet. Huobi, Bitfinex, Binance and Bittrex also have wallets with more than 10. 000 BTC.

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